Program Description 

The Enrichment Program seeks to enhance and expand educational opportunities for students beyond regular school hours in a safe, faith-filled environment.  Enrichment includes outdoor play, guided homework and reading time, and a variety of extracurricular activities.  The staff foster an atmosphere that teaches students Christian values and character building.  With a balance of creative free play and meaningful structured activities, the program engages students minds and imaginations during the afternoon hours, while allowing for the leisure students need after the school day.  Students are offered a nutritious snack daily. 

The St. Benedict Catholic School Enrichment Program operates on regular school days from 3:30-6:00 pm and on noon-dismissal days and staff-development days as needed.   


Typical Daily Schedule 

3:30 - School dismisses; students check in to Enrichment in school library  

3:35 - Snack; Bible verse of the week 

3:40 - Recess/outdoor play  

4:00 - Guided homework/reading time 

4:45 - Extracurricular activities/continued tutoring as needed 

6:00 - Enrichment ends 


Extracurricular Activities 

The Enrichment Program offers fun and engaging activities for all students in the program daily.  Extracurricular activities are many and varied, and are based on student interests.

Have a suggestion for extracurricular fun and learning?  Do you or someone you know have a skill or knowledge to share with students?  We would love to receive your suggestions and contributions! 



Costs for the Enrichment Program service will be added to your Smart Tuition account at the beginning of every month for the preceding month.


Pick up by 4:00pm 


Pick up by 4:30pm 


Pick up by 5:00pm 


Pick up by 6:00pm 


Noon Dismissal Days Advanced Registration required 

$4.00 per hour 

Late Pick up Fee (after 6:00pm)  

$5.00 per five-minute increment 

Reservation and Pick-Up 

Please reserve your child's spot for the Enrichment Program in advance.  Reservations may be made when picking up children from the program, by calling the school, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If needing the program on a drop-in basis, parents are asked to reserve their spot no later than noon on the day service is needed. 

Pick Up Procedure: Parents (or designated others) will go through the Pre-school Door on the 2nd Street side of SBCS to pick up students.  Parents must check out before leaving in order to record departure time.