Eli Black - December Raven of the Month

Eli Black, 7th grade, was recognized at the SBCS weekly prayer service at this month’s Raven of the Month. Eli is a great participant in the classroom and openly shows his care and compassion for others. Artistic and creative, Eli is humble about his talents. Middle school teachers appreciate Eli’s positive attitude, even when things don’t quite go as planned. Eli is a “light” shining at SBCS!

Felicity West - November Raven of the Month

Congratulations, Felicity West, 7th grade. The UMB’s Count on More recognition is chosen by staff members. Felicity was recognized for her kindness and for reaching out to others when they are in need. A wonderful role model, Felicity is attentive to detail and works very hard in the classroom. She is eager to help with Masses, participate in school committees, and is a compassionate older siblings This Raven is extremely kind and reaches out to others when they are in need. This student is a role model for others in the classroom, exhibiting attentiveness to detail and working hard always. Finally, this person is calm, patient, and often has a lighthearted comment to add to class at just the right moment--a great example of an SBCS Raven being the light!

Samuel Peitsch - October Raven of the Month

October Raven of the Month - Samuel Peitsch 8th Grade. Samuel Peitsch was chosen by St. Benedict Catholic School staff as the Raven of the Month. Samuel was recognized for his readiness to volunteer, for being a willing server at parish and school Masses, for being a positive Catholic role model for peers and siblings. Samuel is energetic and enthusiastic about learning and shares his great sense of humor with others. Showing a positive work ethic, Samuel strives to show the best version of himself to others. Congratulations, Samuel! He will enjoy the sign in his front yard all month and has already enjoyed a pizza lunch with a friend, Mrs. Liebsch, and UMB Bank staff members. 

Helen Harris - September Raven of the Month

Helen Harris – September Raven of the Month! Congratulations to Helen Harris, the first Raven of the Month for 2017-2018. Helen, 8th grade, was nominated by her teachers for being “…incredibly kind and polite, putting classmates before self. She is extremely hard-working and organized. Helen is an amazing Catholic role model to her classmates and younger siblings. She is determined and doesn’t give up on hard assignments. She also has the best laugh ever!” Helen was presented with a gift, a $20 gift card, and a Gambino’s pizza lunch with her principal, a friend, and the selected students from Atchison Middle School and Trinity Lutheran. The Atchison’s UMB Bank’s Count On More project is now in its 11th year! We tip our Raven Wing to UMB for recognizing great students in our community! 

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