St Patrick's

St. Patrick’s cemetery is located West of the parish church, in Southern Atchison county. It was established in 1863 on three acres of land donated by Jeremiah Flynn. Prior to 1863, deceased members of the St. Pat’s community, as well as Catholics for the entire county of Atchison, were buried North of the church, on the Southeast corner of the Union school district building lot. The remains of those bodies were transferred to the “new” cemetery shortly after it was established.

In the same year, St. Benedict’s Cemetery, now Mt. Calvary Cemetery was established North of the city of Atchison.

St. Patrick’s cemetery has approximately 690 graves, with stones dating back to 1857.

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Mount Calvary

Formerly St. Benedict's Cemetery, Mt Calvary Cemetery was established in 1863. Records and information are available at St. Benedict's Parish Rectory, 913-367-0671

  • Clearing of decorations: Mid to late April and mid to late June
  • No Glass Containers
  • No animals, leashed or unleashed
  • Only one marker to grave space
  • Monument care is family responsibility
  • No planting or digging of any kind


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