The St. Benedict Catholic School Raven 8th Graders took the team title in the North East Kansas League Championship Tournament on Monday night. SBCS was the host of the tournament, making the victory in their own school extra sweet for the Ravens.

In the 8th grade tournament, the teams played a round robin format, with all of the teams playing each of the other 6 schools. SBCS went 5-1 throughout the tournament, finishing with the same final record as JCN. However, SBCS defeated JCN in the final round, giving the Ravens the head-to-head victory, and therefore the NEK League title.

SBCS came ready to play, as they swept their first three rounds. SBCS led things off with Everest, posting a 40-30 victory to begin the day. Next the Ravens took on JCN, securing another narrow win; this time with a 50-40 score. McLouth was no match for the Ravens, as SBCS rolled to a 70-40 victory over the Bulldogs. After returning from their bye round, the Ravens once again had to find their stride. SBCS hung on for a 45-40 victory over Oskaloosa in Round Five. However, Round Six would deal the Ravens their first, and only, loss of the tournament, as they fell to Pleasant Ridge 30-75. Not willing to be knocked out of medal contention, the Ravens rebounded to end their season, and SBCS Scholar’s Bowl careers on top, posting a 70-65 victory over JCN. The win secured the Ravens the top spot and league title, after a heavily discussed ruling on a question in the final round.

The Raven 8th Graders received their gold medals and league championship plaque on their home court; a fitting ending to their strong Scholar’s Bowl careers while at SBCS. Congratulations 8th Graders!!

In the 7th Grade NEKL tournament, also hosted by SBCS, the Ravens finished in 7th Place. SBCS fell to Everest and Oskaloosa in pool play, and then defeated Valley Falls in tournament play. The 7th Graders look to improve next year, and defend the 8th Grade NEKL Title.


The SBCS Scholar’s Bowl team ended their season on top, as they competed well throughout the NEK League Championship Tournament. SBCS 8th Grade competitors included Emma Buhman-Wiggs, Johnny Mulholland, and Lauren Wheeler. The 8th graders were seeded second going into the meet, and defeated Jackson Heights (40-30) and Everest (75-60) in their pool. The Ravens then competed in the championship round with Xavier and McLouth. SBCS remained undefeated in the tournament, posting 90-30 win over Xavier and a 60-50 victory over McLouth. Those wins secured the victory and league championship for SBCS!

Leading scorers in pool play were Johnny Mulholland with 70 points and Emma Buhman-Wiggs with 50 points. Johnny Mulholland and Emma Buhman-Wiggs scored 20 points in the final championship pool, while Lauren Wheeler also scored 10 points in the finals.  

In the 7th Grade competition, the Ravens were represented by Malia DuLac, Maddie Folsom, Rory Mata, Brody Mispagel, and Brooke Trompeter. SBCS was seeded 8th going in to the tournament, and competed their way to a stellar 2nd place finish. SBCS won their pool play games over Valley Falls (60-40) and over McLouth (60-0). Those victories allowed SBCS to compete in the championship pool with Xavier and Oskaloosa. The Ravens defeated Oskaloosa 40-30, before falling to Xavier in a close match 50-60.

The Ravens surprised everyone as they came out tough against Valley Falls in the opening round. Brooke Trompeter led the Ravens with her 40 points. Rory Mata added another 20 points. In the pool play game against McLouth, Rory Mata led the Ravens with 30 points. Brooke Trompeter added 20 points, and Brody Mispagel scored 10 points. Once in the championship bracket, Brooke Trompeter scored a total of 50 points, Rory Mata scored 30 points, and Brody Mispagel and Maddie Folsom each scored 10 points.

Congratulations on an outstanding season to all the Scholar’s Bowl participants!



The SBCS Raven Scholar’s Bowl team tallied some significant wins during their regular season meets. With four meets in just two weeks, the Ravens competed very well, especially with little time to make adjustments. Led by Coach Diana Poliquin, the Raven teams have a combined 8-8 record this season. The 8th graders hold a 6-2 record, while the 7th graders are 2-6.

In the season opener on February 29, the Ravens split in both the 7th and 8th grade matches. The 7th grade team lost to Everest 20-50, but then bounced back to defeat Xavier 40-30. Jackson Spencer was the high scorer with 30 points in his first scholar’s bowl competition. The 8th grade team started their season off with an intense round against Everest, ultimately prevailing 55-50. SBCS then fell to Xavier 45-60 in their other match on opening day. Johnny Mulholland led the Ravens with 60 points.


The Ravens then travelled to Pleasant Ridge to compete with the host Rams, as well as the Dragons from Valley Falls. The 7th graders lost both of their rounds, falling to Pleasant Ridge 20-25, and to Valley Falls 10-40. Joseph Kerr scored 20 points for the 7th graders. SBCS 8th graders split their matches for the second meet in a row, as they defeated Pleasant Ridge 75-50, but then narrowly lost to Valley Falls 70-80. Two 8th graders were standout scorers- Johnny Mulholland scored 80 points, and Emma Buhman-Wiggs scored 65 points.  


The season continued quickly for the Ravens, as they competed at Jackson Heights on Monday, March 7. The 7th grade team was able to snag one win, defeating the Jackson Heights Cobras 90-0. Oskaloosa proved to be too tough for the Ravens, posting an 80-20 victory over SBCS. Rory Mata was the high scorer for the Ravens with 60 points. In the 8th grade rounds, SBCS started their week off with a couple of big wins. SBCS beat Oskaloosa 40-25, and then topped that off with a 95-10 victory over Jackson Heights. Johnny Mulholland once again led the Ravens, scoring 80 points in the matches.


SBCS finished up their season at home on Tuesday, hosting McLouth and JCN. It proved to be another tough night for the 7th graders, as they fell to McLouth 50-30, and then to JCN 40-20. Despite the losses, there were some great things happening for the Ravens. Brooke Trompeter and Maddie Folsom each scored 20 points for SBCS. The 8th graders continued their winning ways, bringing their weekly record to a perfect 4-0, defeating McLouth 60-40, and then JCN 70-35. Johnny Mulholland led the Ravens with 80 points.


The Ravens are now looking ahead to the NEK League Championship Meet, which will take place at Valley Falls on March 31, beginning at 4:00pm. Good luck, Ravens!