Name: Jeanette Hein

Classes Taught: Preschool

Total Years Teaching: 10

Personal Schooling: McAuley Catholic High School – Joplin, Missouri; and Rockhurst University – Kansas City, Missouri

Favorite thing about teaching at SBCS: My favorite thing about teaching at SBCS is knowing that we are one big family that prays, works, laughs, and grows together!

Fun memory from class so far this year: I loved seeing the preschoolers faces filled with awe when we had the Atchison Fire Department visit with their firetruck! Although, the preschoolers were pretty disappointed that they were not allowed to experiment with the fireman’s ax.

Hobbies and fun things Mrs. Hein likes do outside of school: Outside of school, I like to cook, bake, hike, and explore the great outdoors with my family.

About Mrs. Hein’s family… My husband is a professor at Benedictine. I have two beautiful children. Johannah is almost two and Roman just turned four.

SBCS SHINES because… we value each other for what we truly are- masterpieces of God!