Name: Kay Noll     

Grades/Classes Taught: ELA- 6th, 7th, 8th; Religion- 6th; Science- 6th; Drama- 6th, 7th, 8th

Total Years Teaching: 35 total; 18 at SBCS

Personal Schooling:St. Vincent High School- Perryville, Missouri; Benedictine College- Atchison, Kansas (BA); Emporia State University- Emporia, Kansas (MA).

Favorite thing about teaching at SBCS: The students!

Fun memory from class so far this year: Reading A Christmas Carol.

Hobbies and fun things Mrs. Noll likes do outside of school: Read, crochet, help on the farm, play with granddaughter.

About Mrs. Noll’s family… I have been married for 30 years. I have three children (a vet, a CPA, and a dental hygienist); and one granddaughter.

SBCS SHINES because… here people care! 

6th grade--grammar p. 359 #19-28.  Math worksheet: add integers #19-30.

7th grade--Write 2 interview questions with paragraph answers over "Jackie Robinson."  Add 2 vocab words to story.

A few 6th graders have still not paid the $2 for their Mardi Gras basket.

6th graders--Finish Part C (all 4 questions) on the worksheet over "It's the Loving that Counts."  In math, finish the division with fractions sheet.  Students had time to finish all these in class unless they were missing work and had to work on that.

7th graders--Finish worksheet over "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed."  Compose a paragraph using at least 5 complex sentences in different positions.  Students had time to finish all these in class unless they were missing work and had to work on that.

Some 6th graders still have not turned in the money for Mardi Gras.

6th graders--add 2 vocab words to story; finish reading "It's the Loving that Counts"; study the next 3 sets of pronouns for a quiz on Tuesday.

7th graders--p. 480, choose 3 and write 3 different ways; add 2 vocab words to story; do some work on story worksheet.

6th graders need to bring $2 for their Mardi Gras baskets.  They have a quiz tomorrow over Subject pronouns and Object pronouns.

7th graders need to finish reading "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed."

6th graders have p. 517 (#1-5) to finish for Wed.  They will also have a quiz that day:  list subject and object pronouns.  Please send $2 for their Mardi Gras basket.

7th graders have 2 more vocab. words to add to their story.  They also need to finish the terms for "All Summer in a Day."

6th graders need to finish a half-sheet over "Princess and the Admiral."

7th graders have p. 482, #12-21 to complete.

6th grade--add two more vocab words to story.

7th grade--add two more vocab words to story.  Page 482 #1-11.

6th graders -- none.

7th graders -- Start story with 2 vocab words.

6th graders have a math sheet to finish, K-P, over multiplication with fractions.

7th graders should finish a comparison chart of the two fables (p. 728 to end).

6th graders need to write down 5 unfamiliar words from their reading this week-end.

7th graders need to write down 5 unfamiliar words from their reading this week-end.

6th grade--list of characteristics of the Princess and the Admiral from the story. Math students have 4 multiplication problems.

7th grade--cause and effect examples from "Dirk"; idioms p. 278 and 5 other examples.

6th grade worked on the presentation of their list poem today.

6th graders should finish  reading "The Disappearing Man" and complete a chart of 5 more (we did 2 examples on the board) of inferred facts plus proof/evidence to support it.

7th--no class time.

No homework if every assignment has been turned in correctly completed.  Some have redo work in math; some have Reading Counts contracts not signed; a few have missing work.

Hope to see a lot of families for Monday's family picnic at noon.

Permission forms were sent home today for the funeral mass on Monday.

A calendar of Catholic Schools Week activities was also sent home today.

No homework except late work, missing work, RC contracts, and READ.

6th graders should finish their vocation essay and turn in tomorrow (if not completed during class today).  Math students have 3 problems to complete.

7th graders finished in class. No homework

6th and 7th graders should think about and answer two questions in their planner:  What is your own personal "dream" to improve America?  What can I do to reach that dream?

Both 6th and 7th graders will be presenting their Religious Order reports tomorrow in the forms of a speech and a trading card.  No other homework.

RC contracts due, signed.

6th--Math, p. 345, #16, 18, 20, 22.