YOU ARE INVITED to experience God’s love like never before! Please consider joining us for Steubenville Youth Conference 2019, July 12-14..For more information please click  Steubenville Youth Conference

This sign-up list is how we at St. Benedict Parish will begin scheduling our Ministries.  We will give this a try and see how it goes.  Please take a minute and click on the websites listed below.  Vigil Mass Ministry List, Sunday Mass Ministry List

Please see St. Benedict Parish Strategic Pastoral Plan and Parish Mission Statement which is located under "From the Pastor"

Parish Goals Together we commit ourselves to: Goal One: PASTORAL PRIORITIES, To provide focus and improvement on 5-Pastoral Priorities through purposeful planning and execution. This includes: CONVERSION—EVANGELIZATION— ALL FORMS OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION—OUTREACH TO THOSE IN NEED— STEWARDSHIP




Planning on getting married, check out the new Wedding Policy located under "News" at the top of this page then click on Announcements.