“Using prayer, study, generosity and evangelization to help the entire Atchison community form their relations with Christ and His Church.”

(Parish Mission Statement)


Welcome to the music program at St. Benedict Parish at St. Benedict, St. Joseph, and St. Patrick churches! Time is one of our most precious commodities, and we are grateful that you have answered the call to serve the Catholic community in Atchison through your gifts in music.

Our parish is unique in that it has four separate sites. Each has its own architecture, history, and liturgical “set-up.” While this may cause confusion and interesting challenges at times, various processes have been implemented to facilitate a consistent experience at each location. This handbook is designed to serve as a resource to help you prepare and carry out your role within the various liturgies of our parish.

It can be easy for our service to become habitual or routine instead of a continual, prayerful, self-offering. Our hope is that, in your service to the parish, you will reap the grace of renewed peace as we work to “build up the kingdom of heaven” in our community.


An active prayer life, rooted in stillness, is essential for every Christian. For the liturgical musician, music and prayer are often synonymous. While this is a unique and important part facet of this particular role in the parish, it is essential to cultivate a prayer life beyond our service in the liturgy.


As Christians, we constantly strive continuously learn more about our faith in order to enter more fully into the mystery of the Trinity. As servants to the liturgy and our community, we should do what we can to learn about the liturgy and that which Scripture, the saints, and our popes have said about prayer and worship.


Joy is the fruit of a loving soul. If we allow our joy to flow through our music, no matter the song, we will be able to lift eager hearts and minds to the light and truth of the Word of God in the mass.


The call of the Christian is to bring the “Good News” of redemption and salvation to the world. When desiring to serve the poor in spirit, we need look no further than the people of our community, and the city of Atchison, KS. Through cultivating our own prayer life, enriching our faith through study, and coming to the liturgy with a generous spirit, we witness to the love God has shown us in our own lives.

(Musician Handbook, 2014-2015)