Congratulations to Mark Harris, our Raven of the Month for May! Recognized at Monday’s opening prayer service, Mark was selected by his teachers for his willingness to help others, for his great work ethic, and for his kindness to classmates. He volunteers to assist when helping hands are needed and truly knows what it means to serve until the job is complete. Mark is also a consistent and even-tempered role model for classmates. Very polite and patient, Mark always waits for a turn to talk or share, and reaches out to have positive conversations with adults and others. A team player in the classroom and on the field, court, and track, this student shows what it means to be a real winner regardless of the outcome of a competition. Mark is in the 7th grade and is a shining light at SBCS!

Congratulations to Joseph Mulholland, the SBCS April Raven of the Month. Teachers noted that Joseph is thoughtful, insightful, and respectful. He is a great listener and is able to ask great questions as well. Mature and a leader, Joseph is a calm and steady presence. Joseph lives his Catholic faith in a real way and, as the Student Council prayer leader, takes the lead in guiding others in prayer and rosaries. We are proud of this shining light at SBCS!

Congratulations to Ellen Miller, the SBCS March Raven of the Month! Ellen is a honest and respectful 8th grader with a great attitude! Nominated by her teachers, Ellen is the first to congratulate her classmates on their personal successes. She is always smiling and has a happy and friendly demeanor. She has a way of digging right in and trying new things which makes her a great role model for others. Congratulations to this shining light in 8th grade at SBCS!

Congratulations to 7th grader, Will Buron, the February Raven of the Month. Will and his family moved to Atchison early last summer and has been a great addition to SBCS. Polite, helpful, and respectful, Will is comfortable sharing his faith with others students. He inspires others by being hard worker as well as a fun person to be around. He keeps his focus on “being the light!”

Congratulations to Hope, selected by teachers for her enthusiasm and passion for learning. Hope is hard-working, happy, always has a smile, and jumps in and helps out with tasks that may need to be done but not be very exciting! Hope is a shining light at SBCS! Hope is the first 6th grade student this school year to win the prestigious Raven of the Month honor! Congratulations, Hope!