Congratulations, Kylie! Nominated by her teachers, Kylie was recognized as the UMB Raven of the Month for great listening skills, her conscientious work habits, and her desire to make good choices! Kylie and a friend, along with Mrs. Liebsch, were treated to a pizza lunch at Gambino’s. Thank you, Kylie, for being a super Raven!

This month's Raven of the Month is responsible and reliable, both academically and socially. She is conscientious about completing her work before doing anything else, and consistently puts forth her best effort. She is patient with others, stays out of drama, stands up to others, and tries to do the right thing. Her teachers appreciate her respect for them and for all other adults in the building as well as the positive and joyful manner in which she approaches all tasks and activities. Gwyn regularly volunteers to help out with errands and does so with a smile on her face. The December Raven of the Month is 7th grade student, Gwyn Noll! Congratulations, Gwyn!

Middle school teachers have nominated someone who is one of those students who does what is known to be the right thing to do. Participating in school Masses as well as weekend Masses, this student willingly serves, sometimes even doing so when others have declined the opportunity. One teacher shared that this Raven of the Month does what is asked, without questioning, without ever passing on the task to someone else. Representing leadership, this student is a role model for all and enjoys being a leader, helping make things happen at our school, especially with the games on Fun Food Thursdays. Congratulations to our Raven of the Month-- our STUCO prayer leader, James Buhman-Wiggs!

Grace was nominated for her special honor by the middle school teachers. They note that she is comfortable in her own skin. She participates in many activities, including volleyball, basketball, and serves as the Vice-President of the SBCS Student Council. She has a positive work ethic and a fierce determination to be the best version of herself and is consistently on the honor roll. Grace participates as a drummer in the school band and also played in the drumline at Maur Hill-Mount Academy’s Homecoming game. We are proud of our October Raven of the Month!


Congratulations, Clare Harris! Clare was selected as this year’s Raven of the Month by her teachers. The Count On More Program at UMB Bank recognizes outstanding middle school students in our community. Clare was recognized by the SBCS staff for her quiet leadership, being a mentor to younger students, being a role model. Clare willingly shares her God-given talents through her singing. Her respect and poise around adults at school makes her a great Raven of the Month. Clare will receive a gift from UMB, a sign in her yard, and lunch with her principal and a friend.