The St. Benedict Catholic School Student Council spearheaded a Pink Out Day to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Research. All SBCS students and staff dressed in pink from head to toe to honor or remember those who have been impacted by breast cancer. 

SBCS raised $250, which was sent in to breast cancer research! Way to go, Ravens! 

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma this Fall, St. Benedict Catholic School Student Council stepped up to raise money for those who were impacted in some of the hardest hit areas in both Texas and Florida. SBCS students contributed in a special way. All money raised at SBCS was sent to other Catholic school students in cities hit by the hurricanes. The fundraiser was a big success, as students brought in $386. The Raven StuCo generously added $114 to shoot the St. Benedict total support up to $500. Well done, Ravens! Way to share your light with other students in need. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with all those affected by hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters in our country and our world. 

Congratulations to these student-leaders for being elected by fellow students to represent SBCS this school year on Student Council! 

The StuCo Executive Board

President- Drew Caudle

Vice President - Kaden Haupt

Secretary/Treasurer - Norah Koechner 

Prayer Leader - Joseph Mulholland

Artist - Scarlett Begley 

The StuCo Representatives 

8th Grade Class Representatives - Samuel Peitsch and Alice McConnell-Curry

7th Grade Class Representatives - Eli Black and Emily Beien 

6th Grade Class Representatives - Benedict Kemnitz and Nora Colwell  


President - The Student Council President represents St. Benedict Catholic School as a voice for the students. He or she listens to the ideas of fellow students, visits with other StuCo members, and meets with various SBCS teachers and staff, in an effort to lead and serve the St. Benedict Catholic School students in the best way possible. The president also leads meetings, speaks at assemblies, and approves ideas. 

Vice President - The Student Council Vice President also represents St. Benedict Catholic School as a visible student leader. The VP works closely with the President, other StuCo Executive Board members, and SBCS teachers to promote and implement a variety of projects and ideas. The Vice President also assigns committees. 

Secretary/Treasurer - The Student Council Secretary/Treasurer serves on the Executive Board in a twofold role. First, this person is responsible for taking accurate and detailed notes at meetings. Second, this person must count all money from fundraisers- including non-uniform days, service projects, and other events. 

Prayer Leader - The Student Council Prayer Leader is also a member of the Executive Board. This person leads prayers at meetings, assemblies, and other school functions. This person must be comfortable with speaking in front of the whole school and be an outstanding role model in our Catholic faith. 

Artist - The Student Council Artist designs and makes items needed for SBCS throughout the year, using their creative talents. The SBCS Thanksgiving Feast placemats and middle school locker tags for sports and birthdays are just a couple examples of tasks the artist must complete. 

Class Representatives - Students in middle school (grades 6, 7, 8) elect two class representatives - one boy and one girl -  to represent their thoughts on current issues happening at SBCS. The Class Representatives are in charge of communicating with their class and responsible for leading the weekly class meeting.